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Alberta Foot - is one of the leading providers of foot care in Alberta, serving both Calgary and Edmonton 

Alberta foot care

Alberta Foot Care

Keeping Albertans on their Feet.

About Alberta Foot


Alberta Foot Care is one of the largest providers of foot care in the province. The Not for Profit organization was established by former Victorian Order of Nurses (VON) staff. VON was long recognized as one of Canada’s premiere providers and trainers of therapeutic foot care for decades.


Alberta Foot Care nurses are specially trained and certified in assessment, care and education of both Basic and Advanced foot care needs.


Our comprehensive foot care program meets and exceeds current national as well as provincial best practice guidelines for foot care. This includes infection control and sterilization reprocessing standards to ensure that you are receiving the very best in clinical care, which is both safe and effective.


All of our specialized Foot Care Nurses are RNs or LPNs registered with CARNA/CLPNA, and have received both nationally accredited Basic and Advanced Foot Care Certificates.


All of our tools are cleaned and autoclaved using the same techniques used in hospitals for surgical equipment to ensure sterility.


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