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Alberta Foot Care Academy
Training Alberta's Best

Advanced Foot Care Nursing Course

With over 45 years of combined experience, our educators have have designed the most comprehensive foot care course in Canada. 

Welcome to Alberta Foot Care, and its affiliated education program, the Alberta Foot Care Academy. Alberta Foot Care is an Alberta-based Not for Profit created and operated by Advanced Foot Care Nurses, Educators, and Management from the former Victorian Order of Nurses Our Foot Care Educators offer 45 combined years of community, hospital and educational experience in advanced foot care.

For decades, VON Canada was known as the gold standard of foot care service and education in Canadian nursing. With the closure of VON in Western Canada, the former VON staff recognized that as one of the largest providers of foot care in the province and one of the largest employers of Foot Care nurses, we are able to offer courses that provide not only quality theory, but expanded clinical experience taught by Educators who are currently active in the field, as well as having access to a vast number of clinical settings and other avenues for hands on experience.

How Are We Different?

We believe in small class size: - ONLY 12 STUDENTS ACCEPTED PER COURSE!!

We 'Team Teach', so each student is supported by several experienced educators.

This allows us to provide a 1:3 teacher to student ratio throughout the course, both theory and clinical practicum.

Drafted Canadian certification standards require that every student are supervised to 'manage 10 foot care clients.' We are the only course that provides the opportunity for EACH of our students to obtain HANDS ON clinical experience with at least 10 CLINICAL CLIENTS, and their foot care management

What’s New and Improved?

​80 Hour Course

  • We have expanded our new theory component to meet or exceed current Canadian Foot Care education standards and now offer an 80 hour course.

At least 10 Clients During Hands On Clinical Experience

  • Nurses always want “more, more, more”…when it comes to hands on clinical experience. Whether foot care nurses took their course with other companies, or with former courses that we delivered, our nurses always give the feedback that foot care courses just don’t offer enough hands on clinical time. Apparently some courses often only provide the opportunity to see 1-2 real clients. The consensus is that nurses feel that they needed more clinical exposure than the usual 1-2 clients.  We listen to our nurses…and we work hard to offer you hands on experience with at least 10 clients during our clinical practicum.

Alberta's Most Experienced Foot Care Educators


As former employees of the Victorian Order of Nurses, Alberta Foot Care's trainers have been the industry for over 30 years. When VON closed their Western operations, Alberta Foot Care was born and that tradition continued.


What sets us apart from other schools is that our trainers are still active practitioners, who still deliver both Basic and Advaced Foot Care in the community.


As the largest Foot Care service provider, in both Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta Foot Care is in the unique position to provide our students with more hands on clinical experience, through our partnerships with Long Term Care and Assisted Living facilities.


Our Next Course


Changes have been made to accommodate Social Distancing and Public Health Guidelines 

Where: Home Study, Virtual Classroom and extensive Clinical hands on experience at a central AHS Carewest facility in Calgary.

UPDATE for 2023:   Our Winter/Spring 2023 dates have been announced, contact us before December 1st, 2022 to see about our Early Bird Discount for these dates:


Online Class Dates                                                         In-Person Practicum Dates

January 16th, 18th 20th                                                 January 25th, 26th, 28th

March 20th, 22nd, 24th                                                  March 29th, 30th, 31st

May 15th, 17th, 19th                                                       May 24th, 25th 26th

Application: E-mail for course information and Application Form.

LPNs may be eligible for TUITION REIMBURSEMENT from CLPNA Education Grant.

Opportunities for employment with Alberta Foot Care may be available upon successful completion of this course.



What did you like best about this course?

  • "Extensive Hands on"

  • "10+ Clients for every Student"

What do you think the instructors' greatest strengths are?

  • "Everyone was truly fantastic"

  • "Exceptionally Experienced"

  • " They are privileged to attend your Foot Care course."


Course Evaluation Form, January 2019


What did you like best about this course?

  • "Team of Teachers"

  • "Great Instructors"

  • "Great Patients"

What do you think the instructors' greatest strengths are?

  • "Knowledge"

  • "Kindness"

  • "Positive"


Course Evaluation Form, January 2019




What did you like best about this course?

  • "All of it!!!"

What do you think the instructors' greatest strengths are?

  • "Great Teachers"

  • "Knowledgeable"

  • "Encouraging"

  • "Helpful"

  • "Very fair"

  • "High standards of clinical and ethical practice"

Course Evaluation Form, January 2019

What did you like best about this course?

  • "More clients than any other course"

  • "More experience"

  • "Different kinds of feet seen, that is very helpful"

What do you think the instructors' greatest strengths are?

  • "They are very Knowledgeable"

  • "Definite Expertise"


Course Evaluation Form, January 2019


We only hire the very best!
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