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Foot Care

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Do I need an appointment?


Yes, an appointment is required to see our specialized Foot Care Nurses. Scheduled appointments enable our nurses to have sufficient time to spend with our clients and to meet their individual needs. Please call Alberta Foot Care  to make an appointment.

Calgary (403) 800-9220              Edmonton (780) 800-5507


Do I need a referral from my doctor?


No, a referral is not needed to make an appointment with our Foot Care Nurses. Although some clients are referred to Alberta Foot Care by their family physician or health care provider, it is not a requirement to become a client here. Please note that some insurance plans do require a physician referral to meet their reimbursement requirements.


Will Blue Cross, Veteran Affairs or my private insurance company cover these services?


Most extended health care plans do offer partial or full coverage of many foot care services. As all insurance plans are different, we advise you to contact your insurance company to obtain information on your own specific coverage.


Can the Alberta Foot Care Nurse treat me at my house?


Yes, home visits are available to those who prefer to be treated at home or who are physically unable to come to a community clinic. The price of the visits may vary depending upon your location.


Are Alberta Foot Care clinics all wheelchair accessible?


Yes, all of our clinics are wheelchair accessible. There is always plenty of parking available and clients who have difficulty walking can be dropped off right at the front door for ease of entry.


Where are Alberta Foot Care Clinics located?


Community Clinics are held regularly at numerous locations throughout Calgary, Edmonton and the surrounding area. Please contact Alberta Foot Care in Calgary (403) 800-9220  and Edmonton (780) 800-5507 to find a convenient location near you



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